NOSS is building a highly motivated team and choosing the right people to serve its Clients is critical to achieving the company’s premier core value of “Service Excellence”.

Employee developmental opportunities are provided for all NOSS team members.
So if customer service is your passion then you should apply to join the NOSS team!‚Äč



SUMMARY OF JOB:  To provide leadership and supervise overall field services within his/ her scope, to ensure the smooth and effective day to day running of all site based security teams. While maintaining client policies and procedures and company standards.

  • Collaborate with Command Centre Supervisors to plan shift/rosters for security personnel to cover designated facilities and shifts.
  • Conduct timely scheduling and confirmation of daily shifts i.e. am and pm for all assigned locations.
  • Prepare and submit monthly reports to Head of Operations on a timely basis.
  • Report and investigate any significant security breaches, unusual occurrences, incidents, accidents and submit timely reports and recommendations for action or information.



SUMMARY OF JOB:  The Officer is responsible for observing, detecting, deterring, and reporting all anomalies to NOSS. The Officer is responsible for the health, safety and security of persons, property, the environment and information pertaining to the premises assigned.

  • Demonstrate a high level of customer service.
  • Patrol and secure areas; checking for vandalism, suspicious activity. Inspect doors and locks, ensure compound is secured.
  • Screen all visitors entering compound/ building.
  • Maintain and update daily logs/ registers in keeping with the company’s guidelines.
  • To record all relevant observations and incident details to submit reports to location supervisors before end of shift.



SUMMARY OF JOB:  The Location Supervisor is responsible for maintaining security and safety of persons and property on the assigned premises. To identify potential security and safety hazards; respond to potentially volatile situations at the site; maintain good public relations by being the main point of contact between the Client and NOSS.  

  • Supervise work activities of subordinates to ensure that location targets are met.
  • Ensure professional attire of all officers assigned to the location.
  • Ensure that all officers adhere to the Standard Operational Procedures of the Company.
  • Conduct briefings at the start of new shifts to inform Security Officers of pertinent information regarding business and safety/security matters.
  • Ensure that all reports of theft, accidents, incidents and other occurrences are recorded, investigated, and a comprehensive report is submitted before the end of shift.